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Adansonia PE Opportunities Limited is a permanent capital investment vehicle that aims to generate above average investment returns.

The company evaluates investment decisions with the aim to deliver a total US$ portfolio return of at least 12.5% per annum above the annual change in the United States consumer price index. 

The directors of Adansonia PE Opportunities Limited are Rudolf Pretorius, Brendon Jones, Brett Childs, James Henry and Adriaan Van Wyk. The directors sit on the boards and investment committees of a number of international private equity funds and international holding companies operating mainly in Africa and in diverse sectors including:

  • Agro - Processing
  • Logistics
  • Financial Services
  • Mining
  • Commodity Trading
  • FMCG
  • Software Development
  • Property Development

Through their day-to-day involvement on the boards of these companies and their networks, the directors are exposed to investment opportunities, which they pursue in a structured fashion via Adansonia PE Opportunities Limited.

These investment opportunities (“PE Assets”) generally take the following forms:

  • Commitments to private equity funds managed by Mauritian-regulated management companies, generally with an African focus. In some cases, co-investment rights can be negotiated, thereby avoiding management fees and carried interest
  • Direct investments into third-party PE fund portfolio companies (some of whom may be listed), again avoiding management fees and carried interest charged to PE fund investors
  • Secondary investments into PE funds where an existing investor may need urgent liquidity, and the transaction is typically priced to take account of future carried interest and management fees
  • Growth and replacement capital to investment or corporate holding companies (some of whom may be listed) where the directors have board representation or significant influence

All investments by Adansonia PE Opportunities Limited are only executed with the expressed prior permission of the relevant target’s board or investment committee to deal with potential conflicts of interest, if and when they exist.

Investment Committee Profiles

Rudolf Pretorius

Brendon Jones

Brett Childs

James Henry

Adriaan Van Wyk

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Brendon Jones

brendon.jones@adansoniaholdings.com / +230 5 250 2791

Rudolf Pretorius

rudolf.pretorius@adansoniaholdings.com / +230 5 970 0240

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