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Adansonia Corporate Finance leverages off the knowledge, presence and contact base of the wider Adansonia Group which has an extensive client, attorney and accountant network in eighteen sub – Saharan African countries. We are focused on facilitating investment into Africa, by assisting;

  • owners of African operating companies to raise debt and/or equity, or to sell businesses; all wrapped in a flexible mergers & acquisitions (“M&A”) service offering;
  • private equity funds, family offices and corporate investors interested in African investments, in sourcing potential investments that fit with their investment mandate, and/or to sell investments on their behalf, again wrapped in a flexible M&A service offering.

We wrap all our services in a flexible M&A service offering which may (depending on circumstances and client needs) include;

  • strategic advice;
  • valuations and preparation of necessary reports;
  • assistance in negotiations with debt providers or potential buyers/investors;
  • referral to other proven in country service providers and experts;
  • assistance during due diligence; and
  • project management of the M&A process from start to completion.

Our approach treats each engagement and its proposed fee structure as unique, and varies according to the complexity, amount of work required, and size of transaction. We are prepared to take some fee risk in undertaking certain projects where we have a good understanding of the strategic intent of the client, and a measure of confidence regarding the likelihood of success.

An outline of the primary services we provide are as follows:

  • Raising Debt Finance for African Companies  

    Identifying the most suitable funders for your business is essential to increase the chances of success. We have access to and knowledge of the credit requirements of a broad range of banks and credit funds operating in sub – Saharan Africa, and are thus able to create a shortlist of the most likely funders for the borrower’s profile taking into account transaction size, risk parameters, available security, geography etc. Following an introduction to the shortlisted potential credit providers, we have experience in and the ability to manage the process on your behalf right through to draw down on the facility.

  • Raising Equity Finance for African Companies

    The Adansonia Group has relationships with and an understanding of the investment mandates and strategic investment objectives of a broad range of private equity and corporate investors who are focused on Africa. We are thus able to create a short list of potential investors who might have an interest investing (be it either replacement or expansion capital). Depending on the client’s needs, our offering may only require a search and introduction, or could lead to some or all of the required M&A process being project managed by Adansonia Corporate Finance.

Experience and Footprint in Africa

We have facilitated a number of transactions on the African continent. In addition, the Adansonia Group has access to co-investment equity capital via Adansonia PE Opportunities, which is used where clients require additional co-investment capital, provided returns and risk parameters are attractive. Adansonia PE Opportunities strictly co-invests on an invitation basis after any potential conflict has been declared and cleared, thus avoiding competition for transaction flow with private equity investors.


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