As distinctly African symbols, Baobab trees aren’t just known for providing shade and nourishment but
they are also a central part of tradition, legend and folks lore. It is believed that Kings and elders would hold their meetings under the Baobab tree, with the belief that the tree’s spirits would guide them to successful
decision-making. The baobab is the listening tree and stand proud as a true symbol of life in Africa.

Perrieri Office Suites completes its acquisition of new office premises

Perrieri Office Suites Limited (“POSL”), the property arm of the Adansonia Group completed the acquisition of the Suite C1-401, an office premise of 518 square meters situated on Level 4 of La Croisette, Grand Baie, Mauritius. This takes the total square meters under management by the Adansonia Group to just under 700 square meters.

POSL has been fitted out to provide upmarket flexible office solutions for clients who have chosen Mauritius as their investment launch pad and wish to ensure that they comply with the ever increasing permanent establishment requirements.

Out of the total lettable space, only 70 square meters is vacant so please get in touch in the event you are interested in office space.