As distinctly African symbols, Baobab trees aren’t just known for providing shade and nourishment but
they are also a central part of tradition, legend and folks lore. It is believed that Kings and elders would hold their meetings under the Baobab tree, with the belief that the tree’s spirits would guide them to successful
decision-making. The baobab is the listening tree and stand proud as a true symbol of life in Africa.

Adansonia PE Opportunities ("APEO") Fund Update

APEO has now been operational for 9 months and has successfully completed 3 investments with a total capital commitment of USD 3,3 million.

APEO’s investment objective is to generate above average returns from the investment opportunities the directors introduce through their involvement with various investment structures and/or corporate networks, mainly in Africa. APEO evaluates investment decisions with the aim to deliver a total US$ portfolio return of at least 12,5% per annum above US inflation.

To read the latest investment report dated 31st March 2017, please click read more below.

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